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Homecomputer 3/83 This was the first German

Computer magazine, that was

especially designed for the


That's how it all began.

90 % of the first 4 issues were

made by one man himself -

our boss - Ralph Roeske   

Another interesting publication of the

Roeske Verlag. In these days the pages 

were filled with software to tip into the

popular home computers of Sinclair,

Commodore, Apple and several others

Who remembers the 'Dragon', 'Bit 90',

'Onyx' or the 'MSX' ?

Anyway, we were the first who sold

all the software on Disks as well.

Compute mit Commodore The Commodore computers ruled

the German market. That's why we

launched another magazine in 1984

a special one for the C-64.

It was the first one in Germany

that was published on recycled

paper and we had a very good

response from our customers.


In 1985 we noticed that Information became

very important. Especially in the USA we

saw, that the future was the (later called)

Multimedia World.

While we launched a new magazine in

Germany the Governments and Unions

stopped successful the march into the

future and kept Germany in the

Middle Ages. Where we still are, or not?

Medien Welt 5/85

Roeske' Computer Mag We have always been fascinated by computer games.

So one day we decided to make a magazine with game

reviews. It was the time when the Amiga had no rivals -

when it was the game machine #1 - and nearly every

day a greater game than all the others before was


But after three editions we had to give it up. It was

too expensive to produce and we didn't have the cash

to start a big commercial campaign. What a shame.

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